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Mitsuko Herrera

Montgomery County Government
ultraMontgomery Director
Montgomery County, Maryland
Mitsuko R. Herrera handles Technology Planning, Policy, and Special Projects for the Montgomery County, Maryland in the Department of Technology Services\\' Office of Broadband Programs.  She directs the County’s ultraMontgomery broadband economic development program and Senior Planet Montgomery (www.seniorplanet.org/montgomery), the County\\'s digital equity program to enable older adults to fully participate in the digital economy.  Her mottos are: Use your power for good; Accept that doing good takes more effort than doing nothing; Sic ad tam (Yes to Both)!

Ms. Herrera is the former Cable & Broadband Administrator for Montgomery County and has been a member of the Federal Communications Commission Consumer Advisory Committee since 2011.  Prior to joining Montgomery County, Ms. Herrera served as the Director of Communications Policy and Regulation in the Fairfax County Virginia Department of Communications and Consumer Services and as an associate at the law firm of Miller and Van Eaton, PLLC, where she represented municipal clients in cable, wireless and wireline telecommunications, right-of-way, and broadband matters.  Ms. Herrera is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center and the University of California at San Diego.